Lunch event/workshop about the art of programming – 1200 December 9th

More information below! If you would like lunch, please fill in the form at the end of this post. The location is not yet decided, so please check the Facebook event for more information.

On Wednesday the 9th december Noric Couderc will hold a lunch event/workshop to talk about the art of programming at ITC, room [TBA]. This is a joint initiative of the Gender Equality Group and the Uppsala University ACM-W Student Chapter (UU ACM-W).

The event will last approximately two hours and will focus on two parts: (There will be a break at about 13:00, so that those who need to leave can do so.)

First, how artists started including computers in their process, focusing on modern art and contemporary art. And how artists can also benefit from using computer programming as a medium of expression. Second, we will talk on how computer scientists and engineers can also benefit from doing art using programming.

Then there will be an interactive demonstration of the Processing framework, a programming framework that artists often use in their work, as it is easily accessible, even to those who do not have prior knowledge of programming, while not being too simplistic.

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