DVd, Whs kasetter och andra reliKer

DVd, Whs kasetter och andra reliKer

Welcome to the time travel journey that takes you back to the early 00s! The time when everything was easier, jeans were lower and Backstreet Boys was on every teenager’s wall.

On March 7th, Bridens Hus will act as a time capsule, promising period bangers all night and an atmosphere that will simply make you forget it’s 2024.

So set the your overall low, dust off your iPod and prepare to vibe to some of the most iconic songs from this era. It’s time to revive all your best memories from the days of DVDs, WHSs, cassettes and other relics!


Where: Bridgens Hus Date: 7/3 Time: 18dk Theme: early 2000- Tickets: 23/2 12:15 on Orbi Price: 115kr Kläder: overall + theme