Expression of interest for the Bubify hackathon

All DV and IT students take the IOOPM course, and the technical backbone of the labs is Bubify, which takes care of the help queue and manages the accounting of demonstrations.

Bubify has long been developed by Jonas Norlinder, a PhD student at the department, with a few inputs from Elias Castegren and Tobias Wrigstad. The system is used by more than 300 students every year in various courses.

This year, Bubify was made open source, and the long-term goal is for the entire development of Bubify to be managed by the students themselves.

Early next year, a hackathon will be organised to help people get started hacking Bubify on their own machine. own machine.

This is only an expression of interest. In January, a time and a place will be emailed to everyone who has filled in the the form.

  • The link to the expression of interest is here: form