The Polarexpress in advent

The Polarexpress in advent
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well all elves and gnomes!!!! ready to kick off Christmas in the very best way???? with a Christmas sittning of course!!!!

In anticipation of Christmas Eve, it’s good to relax with some Christmas movies (and mulled wine) like the classic Polar express (eggnog), Home alone with an iconic cameo (Christmas beer) or the most Christmassy masterpiece of them all: Die hard (snaps straight from the bottle). We’ll see where this polar express has for final station, maybe Värmland’s dance floor💃🕺, at someone else’s home🔥, or maybe the jackpot, the drunk Xell💀💀💀No matter where you land this evening, it will be unforgettable, yippie ki yay motherfucker!!! To make the night extra Christmassy is santa (the club champions) inviting you all to a CHRISTMAS MOVIE NIGHT the day before the day before the day before the day in the Siegbahnsal😎🎄

  • Date: 12/12
  • Time: TBA
  • Ticket release: No ❤
  • Place: Siegbahnsalen, Ångströmslaboratoriet
  • Date: 15/12
  • Time: 18dk
  • Place: Bridgens hus, Vattholmavägen 18A
  • Ticket release: 12:15 PM the 4/12 at Orbi
  • Link: Link
  • Theme: Christmas movies
  • Dress code: Ovve + theme