Your quick overall-guide

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The student overall, also known as a “tacky tail suit”, is used at more informal student events. For example at less formal gasques, pub crawls and AG/Sjöslaget ( student trips).

The colour of the overalls indicates which programme you are studying, we at DV have a bright red colour on our overalls. You can sow on patches and other fun things you have collected on your overalls. Note! It is tradition to hand sow everything on your overalls. The overalls can be washed, but only if the owner is wearing them. As a result, it is rarely (or never) cleaned.

Here’s a little guide to the body parts of the overalls:

  1. Over the heart you put your most important badge, such as the section-patch.
  2. Swap sleeves with friends.
  3. On the left leg, you sew on your name (or nickname), you can also swap parts of the legs with close friends.
  4. You swap pockets with a person you’ve made out with (if both of you were wearing your overalls).
  5. On the behind, mark things you don’t like.
  6. The collar is exchanged with someone you have had intercourse with while wearing your overalls.

Parts of the overalls that are exchanged are usually signed!