OpenJDK Hackathon with UPLANG and Oracle JVM Engineers

UPLANG, the programming languages research group at the IT department, is organising a hackathon on Friday 17/11 at 17:00 with the goal of getting interested students into hacking on OpenJDK, the open source implementation of Java. The hackathon will be staffed by researchers and JVM Engineers from Oracle (who work on maintaining OpenJDK) to help you get going. There are tens of billions of installations of OpenJDK in the cloud making this a very interesting and high-profile code base to be familiar with. Learn enough about OpenJDK to fix a tiny bug and get an accepted OpenJDK pull request on your CV!

  • What you need: a laptop with wifi and experience with imperative programming (OpenJDK is written in C++)
  • Time: Friday 17/11 at 17:00 until we are done
  • Place: 101136, Evelyn Sokolowski, Ångström

No sign-up is necessary but it would be appreciated if you registered your interest at this Google form, so that the hosts of the event know if they are understaffed or not. The data gathered by this form will be deleted once the hackathon is over.