Course evaluation battle HT 2023

Course evaluation battle HT 2023

It’s time again!

On November 6, it’s time for the Education Committee’s course evaluation battle, where it will be determined which section is Teknat’s course evaluation champion for fall 2023! The competition simply involves evaluating the courses from the previous period and then confirming that you have evaluated them through a form. The competition takes place 12:00-13:00 on November 6. This year, most sections will be at the event area of house 10 at Ångström, but many sections will be in classrooms on other campuses. See below for where your section will be located!

Ångström - Event area (hus 10): DV, E, ES, F, H, I, IT, K NVF, NVK, NVL, NVM, Q, STS, W, X, UTN BMC - A7:115a: K, X, BIO, NVL, NVK EBC - Lärosal 4: BIO, NVL, X GEO - Norrland II: NVG, W SLU - Sal Z: ES, W

If you are unable to attend in person, you can also participate digitally by answering the survey! The winning section will receive 2 gift cards at ICA worth 200 SEK each, the section at second place will receive 1 gift card at ICA worth 200 SEK and there will also be a raffle for 2 gift cards at Foodora worth 200 SEK each for two participating individuals. This KUB we will also give out one spot with a pluss one for the Science student ball! That is, a guaranteed spot, but not a paid one. Patches will also be given to all who participate, free of charge!

See you on november 6 for the fall course evaluation battle!

This event is organized by Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students through the The Standing Committee on Educational Affairs.