Midsummer pub crawl with DV

Midsummer pub crawl with DV
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Exam season is long past us and it is finally time for a PUB CRAWL!!! Where we will drink to celebrate exams (or forget them)!!!

We in the klubbverk cannot understand that it is already time for colder and darker days in Uppsala and we want to remember this warm summer with a MIDSUMMER THEME!!!

So tune your violins, gather seven flowers and frog dance your way to skånes nation for a pub crawl you dont want to miss!!!

Important info:

  • During the pub crawl, one of the stops will be at Max, so you have the chance to eat during the pub crawl. If you do not want food from there, you should eat before the pub crawl.

  • Absolutely NO alcohol may be brought in or out of the nations!

  • We treat everyone who works at the nations with respect.

  • Keep the times.

  • The word of the klubbverk is law.

  • To keep in mind that we represent DV as a section when we have our overalls on. We of course want to have pub crawls in the future, so don’t do anything stupid!

  • Where: Begins at Skånes nation

  • When: 1/11

  • Time: 17dk

  • Price: Free!

  • Tickets: In [ORBI-app](eventlänk: https://link.orbiapp.io/ykS9)

  • Theme: Midsummer

  • Clothing: Overall + Theme