Apply for klubbverket 2023!

Apply for klubbverket 2023!

Do you want to contribute to DV’s everyday life in the form of incomparable events? Are you a master of PR, graphics, or self-proclaimed spex legend? Do you want the chance to meet other happy and excited people from other programs? Then you should apply to the club crew DVKV!!! We arrange everything from pub crawls, sittningar, and of course Capseisa. As a club worker, you get to help organize these events and have a whole lot of fun along the way.

What is the best thing about being a club worker?

  • 🪑 Guaranteed place at all DV events.
  • 😎 You get to hang out with Uppsala’s finest club workers.
  • 🍻 Teambuildings, both internally and with other clubs.
  • 🦺 You get to wear our stylish KV clothing
  • 🔥 You get to wear Uppsala’s coolest brand.

What do you do as a club worker?

  • 🖋️ Plan for events at a weekly lunch meeting
  • 🎶 Perform during sittningar
  • 🎉 Decorate sittningar
  • 🍹 Fixing the best pre-drinks in Uppsala
  • 🌮 Making Uppsala’s most authentic tacos

Being a club worker is a great first commitment, and it’s not very demanding.

Come on, it will be fun!

Language requirements: To apply you should be able to understand Swedish speech and writing. Registration: The search closes: Sunday 10/9 at 23:59

Email if you have any questions!

// Klubbmästare Linus och Kristoffer❤️