Crayfish Party 2023

Crayfish Party 2023
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Dive into the new academic year with a crackling crayfish party that is louder than all the thunderstorms that Storm Hans offered during the summer!!!

Klubbverket invites you to a pool party where we say goodbye to the rain and welcome the crayfish with open arms. Come and party as if it were the last day of summer - because in Klubbverket’s party tent it’s always 30 degrees and brilliant sunshine!

So throw on your flip-flops, don’t forget the sunscreen and join us for an evening filled with seafood and unforgettable spex!

Bring your own food and drinks, but leave the glass bottles at home! And most importantly, don’t forget your songbook! (If you don’t have one, you can buy it at the recce center).

Tickets are released on 28/8 at 12:15 at Orbi and you can find the link here

There is a limited number of tickets, so be quick!

NOTE: Make sure you have downloaded the ORBI app and create an account before registration is released

Where: The tent on the opposite side of the road to Ångströmslaboratoriet (north of house 10) Date: 31/8 Time: 18dk Theme: Ovve (för dem som har) + “Poolparty” Bring along your songbook, own food and drinks (note no glass bottles) Price: 75kr Apply: In the ORBI-app