DV:s Spring assembly 2023

DV:s Spring assembly 2023

Dear Computer Scientists, The time has finally come for the Spring assembly which will be held on May 8t:h, in Sonya Lyttkens. The meeting will start at 18:00, but food will be served at 17:30. There will be free pizza!!

This is an amazing opportunity for you as a member to learn more about the Computer Science section, vote and make a change. or to just hang out. We will choose a new Head of Events which is a one year position, starting this term and ends until the end of the next term. The Head of Events is also a member of the Computer Science Board, and is responsible for the “klubbverk”, and for all the other festivities that the section arranges. You will also work towards strengthening the bonds between all the Computer Science students by organising “sittningar/events” with other sections.

We will also choose a new person who will be responsible for sports. The Head of Sports responsibilities includes arranging all practices and events that is sport related. They will also represent the section in Ångströmsmästerskapen.

We will also choose a convener of the election committee, a new representative for the institution’s equal opportunities group, and two new student representatives for the program council for both the Master’s Programme in Image Analysis and Machine Learning, and Master’s Programme in Data Science.

If you have any questions regarding the positions above, then you can check the position-descriptions.

Sign up form for the positions. Do you want to nominate someone for a position? Click on this nomination form.

If you want to send in a motion for the meeting, then you can send it to the Chairman of the Computer Science Board at: dv-ord@utn.se. Deadline: First of May. Template for a motion.

To the FB-event.

See you there!