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Do you as a company want to get in touch with computer science students?

The contact between the industry and students in the computer science programs at Uppsala University is managed by our PR assistant. The assistant is a student who is employed by the IT institution to work with industry contacts and recruitment issues in addition to their studies.

The main task of the assistant is to organize events where companies market themselves to students, and this is often done in cooperation with the PR assistant for the computer engineering program in information technology.

We have previously organized

Lunch lectures

Serving lunch and talking about the company is a good opportunity to introduce students to your company; who you are and what you do.

Evening events

Evening events are a good chance to meet students under more relaxed conditions. In addition to just giving a lecture, you can also talk to them individually and thus get better contact. These events can be adapted to your needs, but a typical concept is to have a presentation of the company followed by mingling with the students. Food and/or drinks are often served. Evening events can be held at a pub, nation or on campus.

We can offer

  • Personal contact with students who are approaching graduation and thesis work. Often, company events have led to successful recruitments.

  • Creating a positive image of the company among students.

  • Marketing of you via various social media platforms, e.g. on the website.

  • All practical preparations for the event. We offer to arrange information for the students, registration, location booking and ordering of food.

For the IT institution, it is important that the education is in line with the industry development, and an important part of this is just contact between students and companies. We design our company events with interactivity and personal contacts as our guiding principle.

Contact for more information and if interested.